By Sascha Magnus
“The cold weather here is kind of depressing. So I told this to my adviser. She told me to get a light box from the university health services, and shine it over my body in order to simulate sunlight. She was being serious.”– Tanya Mair 201o Campion graduate now attending Harvard
It is that time of year when we all get a little jittery. The same questions run through all of our minds: What do I ...

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First Formers and Their Adjustments as Campionites

Written by: Chantelle Dallas, Ashley Edwards & Dellie-Ann Green

Bright and early on a warm September morning, Campion opened its doors to their first
formers. These ‘newbies’ kissed their parents goodbye and lugged their heavy school bags (they would soon learn seasoned students never carried such heavy totes) to their new classrooms. Many saw old enemies from primary or prep school, but these grudges were put aside. After all, there were so many new friends to be made. ...

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Poster Competition 2010 Criteria

The Theme for this year’s Competition is
“Save Energy Today for a Brighter Tomorrow”
Students are invited to submit posters in keeping with the theme. Please note
that the Theme NEED NOT be placed on the poster. However, one of the
criteria for judging the poster will be the creation of the student’s own energy
conservation/efficiency slogan relating to the Theme being incorporated
(drawn or written) in the poster.

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