"Steadfast in Faith and Work"


The Campion College Shield


Why should I give to an “uptown” school like Campion?

Campion is no longer the “uptown” school it may have once been seen as for several reasons, including:

  1. It became grant-aided (public) in 1976
  2. Since 1999, the number of primary school entrants has grown steadily from 5% and now accounts for some 35% of our student population. These are all extremely bright students as are our students from preparatory schools with an average between 90-100% scores on GSAT.
  3. The school’s modest operational budget (outside of teacher salaries) is financed in large part by the auxiliary fees and donations by parents to the St Edmund Trust, which rewards teacher performance and supports the school’s future development. However, in the 2010-11 academic year only 86% of our students paid the auxiliary fees while 70% paid the contribution to the St Edmund Trust.

“Campion has many rich alumni who have always supported the school. My money is not needed.”

This is not so. In fact before the launch of the Campaign, the total donation in 2008 from parents & alumni was only J$2,200,000. Mayberry Foundation donated over half of this for the establishment of the Champions Homework Centre for children of Chamber’s Lane who are tutored by Campion students in an after-school programme.

Why launch a Campaign at this time of economic uncertainty?

  1. Over 50% of our student population now come from low-lower middle income socio-economic backgrounds—most of these students do not have computers or internet access at home and many of them cannot afford all the books and other resources necessary. If it is hard for you, we ask you to think how hard it is for those students.
  2. The school’s physical plant is in dire need of upgrading. This has been so for a while but it is only now that we have been given the opportunity to make improvements.

“I am nervous to commit funds now.”

  1. You can pledge now, pay later in the year or in smaller amounts.
  2. You can give in US$ or J$, in cash or kind.
  3. Donors of services and goods will be recognised alongside our cash donors.

My child is about to graduate/at university now, why should I give?

  1. Campion played a major role in how your child got where he/she is today.
  2. The much larger fees (US$200 at CC vs US$30,000 at US prep schools/university per year) should tell us something about how underpriced a Campion education is.
  3. Surely, you want to contribute to a school that generations of Jamaican students will benefit from in years to come.

Why do your donor recognition categories begin at US$1000 and not lesser amounts?

  1. We welcome all contributions, and offer our “Be a Champion” specially engraved bricks for only J$7000 each. However, we believe that many of our alumni and parents/past parents can afford to make donations starting at US$1000 (or J$ equivalent) and ask that you consider:
    • US$1000 is less than one year’s tuition at most Jamaican prep schools.
    • The Campion auxiliary fee of J$18,000 is very modest and it has always been so.
    • This is an investment in projects that will last for many years and benefit generations of Campionites.
    • For parents/grandparents-to-be, this is an important investment in your child’s education.
    • The school has not asked its school family to support a major project since the construction of the Lindo Auditorium over 20 years ago.

Why should I give to Campion when other schools need toilets and other basic facilities?

  1. As Jamaicans, we must give to both schools with basic needs AND schools like Campion as Campion provides the best chance for success for Jamaica’s brightest students from ALL walks of life.
  2. A Campion student from a financially challenged family has the potential to completely change their family history and provide social mobility in a country which so desperately needs it.
  3. Campion graduates can already be found in leadership positions in every sector of our country and this is a trend that is likely to continue. By donating to Campion, you are investing in Jamaica and the future leadership of our country.

“Mr. Stewart should pay for the whole library/there are other more urgent projects to be done.”

  1. The standard in fundraising is for the donor who donates ½ project cost to be invited to name the project. The construction budget is US$700k and Mr. Stewart’s donation is US$350k. We are very grateful for this extremely generous donation!
  2. The Vision 2020 Campaign is a rallying call to all alumni, parents and friends to support the school’s development needs. We intend to address all those needs as the funding becomes available. We welcome donations to other projects and offer similar naming rights.
  3. The bigger question is WHO WILL BENEFIT? In some cases this could be your children or your grandchildren, but one thing is certain: the beneficiaries are Jamaica’s brightest students who will be the future leaders of our world in years to come.

Why is the school still fundraising when you have achieved your target of US$700,000?

Our fundraising total has been designated to the construction of the Library and the renovation of the integrated science, biology and physics labs. We still are in need of funding for the furnishing and technology inputs for the library as well as the renovation of the chemistry lab and upgrade of the 6th form lab.

Can I get tax benefits on my donation?

Yes, Campion is a fully registered educational institution under the Ministry of Education. In addition, we have partnered with Food for the Poor International to ensure that our US donors receive their tax benefits also.

How will I be recognised?

All donors of US$1000 or more will be recognised on our Donor Wall inside the Library and will receive a complimentary specially-engraved brick for the St Edmund Courtyard outside the Library. There are also naming opportunities for areas within the Library for persons or organisations that donate US$20,000 or more. We also intend to recognise our donors through our donor magazine, our email to over 2000 alumni worldwide, in our publicity efforts and at the opening of the Library.

“I want to remain anonymous.”

That’s fine too. We honour all requests by our donors for anonymity.