• Welcome to Campion

    On the 5th of January, 1960, with 101 first form students, a faculty of four Jesuit Fathers, the new school opened its doors, the first lessons were taught in a pavilion borrowed from Campion Hall Campion College is one of Jamaica’s leading high schools, producing some of the country’s finest graduates every year. The school’s history is decorated with outstanding achievements in academics, sports, public service and other activities.
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    Welcome to Campion
  • The New Campion

    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Campion College in 2010, the Vision 2020 Campaign was established to create a sustainable financial base for the school in the period 2010-2020. Thank you to all our donors! Read about the Vision 2020 Campaign

    The New Campion
  • Our Teachers

    Campion has attracted, fostered and demanded an extraordinary brand of teacher that seeks the highest standards from their students. The give extraordinary efforts and sacrifices that help our students achieve those lofty goals demanded of them. Motivated and encouraged by this remarkable cadre of teachers… they rise higher than we expect, work harder than we think possible and achieve greater than anyone can imagine. Read More about our teachers

    Our Teachers
  • The Student Body

    The Student Body, classically defined as the group of students that make up a college or university. Campion truly reflects the motto “out of many one people”, of our island. They arrive from all economic, racial, religous and spiritual classes. Eagerly and energetically meld into one pursuit, excellence. Finally with achievements and goals that make us proud; they leave for the world’s finest universities to make their contributions. Read About Our Student Body

    The Student Body
  • Clubs

    Great life lessons unfold in the pursuit of academics, athletics as well as the arts. Our students excel through their studies, sportsmanship and creativity, and also build appreciation for others’ unique gifts and differences. Our extracurricular activities continue to expand and improve beneficial social interaction skills. There is a large range of options for student involvement beyond the classroom, we have something for everyone!
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  • Sports

    Campion has a full range of sports including basketball, cricket, football, track & field, tennis, badminton, table tennis, chess, hockey, swimming and more. Students are encouraged to explore and full range of academic, sporting and spiritual improvement and dedication. Their accolades are well known in academia and sporting circles in the Jamaica and the Caribbean.
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  • Activities

    We believe in the saying “a time for play,a time for fun”, and as a prestigious institution there is a strong focus on academics but there is the right amount of leisure in the mix. Time is always made for fun and celebration when due, from school spirit day to fundraising events to elaborate ceremonies. There is never a dull moment here at Campion where every activity is carried out in an enjoyable,suitable fashion.
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  • H.S.A

    The Home School Association is an innovative, determined group comprised of Campion staff members and parents of students. The objectives include representing the parent body to the administration on school operations and performance matters, and supporting the school’s development plan through fundraising, provision of useful suggestions and advice.
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  • Alumni

    The Campion College Alumni Association was established to develop and maintain a close bond with past students to promote the interests of the institution. Alumni Association commits to preserving the tradition of excellence, and ensure that this legacy is shared with future generations of Campionites. Membership is open to all former students who have been separated from the institution in good standing.
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  • As the top high school in Jamaica,Campion nurtures the hearts and minds of the next generation of leaders–The Hon.Gordon "Butch" Stewart,Chairman,Sandals Resort Intl

  • These outstanding students are exposed to an unparalleled staff, and to a school with a character that undeniably lends itself to growth and excellence.–V.Rev. Peter McIsaac